The Potential series messenger bag from Master-piece features a rugged design and enhanced functionality for city use.

Slim, practical accessories include clever buckles.

It is also designed with compartments for optimal organization.

Main material: MASTERTEX-07, a original fabric renowned for its exceptional durability and fade resistance.

The surface of the fabric is water-repellent, while the back of the bag is waterproof.

Detailed compartments to separate and organize your belongings.

Loops are easy to attach and detach at the touch of a button.

Main storage area opens to large for easy access.

On the back, there's a dedicated pocket for your tablet. What's more, you can access the main compartment by lifting the zipper on top of the flap.

The front also features a zipped mesh pocket.

Inside the main compartment, you'll find a practical carabiner for attaching keys, among other things. There are also zipped pockets on the front.

The main compartment can be accessed from the rear, thanks to a special closure.

In addition, a zipped pocket is integrated into the front flap. This can be opened and closed with a buckle.

The shoulder fastening is secured by a buckle, and it features a loop for hanging up key rings, briefcases, etc.

The shoulders are reinforced to accommodate carabiners.

The bag comes with an adjustable buckle belt to fit your body.

Finally, the buckle, a key design element of the series, has a new design that is even more robust than theoriginal.

Made in Japan.



Dimensions : 36 cm x 20 cm x 14.5 cm

Poids : 1 Kg

Material: MASTERTEX 07

Reference: Master-Piece Potential 01756 V3 OL


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